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Phoenix Landing Foundation Rescues 26 Parrots

February 22, 2010

On February 11, parrot welfare organization Phoenix Landing rushed to save the lives of 26 parrots facing euthanasia at the Catawba County Animal Shelter in Newton, North Carolina. These birds, ranging from tiny parakeets to large macaws, were part of a group of nearly 200 animals seized by local law enforcement from an abusive situation late last year.  With no homes available and time running out, the shelter was forced to set a date for their euthanasia.

When Phoenix Landing learned of the conditions these parrots had come from and that their time at the shelter was running short, the group mobilized volunteers and gathered as many new and used cages, travel carriers, parrot food and toys that could be located on 24‐hour notice and went to Catawba County to take these birds.

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