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“Life with Alex” DVD is Here

October 11, 2012

Look what I got in the mail today!  I’ll be doing a review of the film (and talking to some of the people involved in the making of this documentary) very soon. Watch this space for updates.

Get your own copy!


Mika and Stewie… Still Not Sitting in a Tree

May 2, 2011

In the past I’ve written about the challenges of spending enough quality time with two parrots who hate each other. I’m happy to report that we have reached a decent detente for now.

I still wouldn’t trust Mika and Stewie on the same playstand together, but it’s now possible to have a bird on opposite shoulders at the same time. I still have to be on high alert, ready to move one or the other off me very quickly, but even when they realize that the other is just a few inches away on the other side of my head, both birds can just sit and chill. That’s huge progress from two years ago, when I would have been bitten bloody from both sides.

That doesn’t mean they’re ready to be buddies yet.

I took this video of Stewie over the weekend:

Even with the sound off, an astute observer of sun conure body language can tell the precise moment that Mika chose to fly over to us. He’s just hanging out, then he opens his beak in an aggressive gesture; once he figures out he probably can’t reach Mika, he turns his attention to gnawing furiously on the perch beneath him. That’s Stewie’s classic displaced aggression gesture. Whenever he’s mad about something, he reaches down and bites the snot out of his perch. Thank goodness he got out of the habit of screaming (or trying to jump on me in order to bite ME).


Learn About Australia’s Parrots

April 3, 2011

Tune in tonight for the PBS Nature episode “Parrots in the Land of Oz”, a special on Australia’s native parrots.

palm cockatoo

Check out this clip of a palm cockatoo drumming to attract a male.

If you enjoy the episode (or miss it), you can purchase it on DVD. It’s part of a two-episode DVD that leads with “Silence of the Bees” (for some reason they don’t make it clear that “Silence of the Bees” also includes “Parrots in the Land of Oz”). You can find this DVD, plus other gift ideas for parrot lovers, on Amazon.


Of Parrots and Squirrels

February 23, 2011

Parrot lulz of the day.

Ariel the Amazon wants you to Go. Get. That. Squirrel. D****it!


VIDEO: Parrot Who Does Math

January 9, 2011

This is amazing. Watch this African Grey solve math equations. (I was going to say “simple math equations”, but when you think that the bird needs to be able to add, subtract, recognize numerals, and know the number of dots on the side of the die… well, that just blows my mind.)

You thought YOUR bird was smart?


Watch the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill – On PBS Tonight

December 28, 2010

Independent Lens is re-airing the popular documentary, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, tonight. Check your local TV schedules to see when your local PBS station is carrying it.

If you’re a parrot lover and haven’t seen this film yet, set your DVRs! This is a must-see story of a man and his relationship with a feral flock of conures in San Francisco. You may not agree with his choices, but it’s an incredible story — not only about how a flock of feral parrots is surviving/thriving in an urban environment, but about how one man found meaning in his life by getting to know them.

Watch a preview:

More info about The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill can be found on the Independent Lens (PBS) website.

Mark Bittner, the central (human) character in this documentary, also wrote a book about his experience. Both the book and the DVD are available on Amazon and other stores.

Update: There’s a live chat scheduled with Mark Bittner for tomorrow. Visit the Independent Lens site at 10 am PST to ask him your questions! What a great opportunity.


Dancing Cockatoo Frostie: Whip My Hair

November 20, 2010

Frostie the dancing parrot shows off how to whip yo’ hair.. um, I mean “crest”.