Do Parrots in the Wild Have Names?

November 20, 2013

Do parrots in the wild have names? If so, how do they learn them (and how can we know this)?

Check out this great video explaining how a scientist named Karl Berg is studying green-rumped parrotlets and how they learn their “signature contact calls” (aka. “names”).

Hello, I’m Bob. Hey, Tom, do you want to go get some food over that way? I’m Bob.

Do your parrots know their names? Or, even better, do they know yours? As flock animals, parrots have a need to communicate, and providing a communication-rich environment could be very important form of enrichment, don’t you think?




  1. Bart definitely knows Duncan and Monroe’s names as well as his own!

    • I don’t doubt it, as Bart is super duper smart! Does he boss everyone around by name?

      • He doesn’t boss the others around but if Monroe winds up on the floor, he will say, “Monroe” in a voice that tells me he’s down.

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