In Case You Missed It: Lafeber Nutri-Berries Recall

July 25, 2012

Just want to make sure none of my readers missed Lafeber’s voluntary recall of some of its Nutri-Berries bird treats. The recall impacts some batches of the bird food. Don’t panic — the recall was voluntary, and not all of the products are affected.

Dr. Ted Lafeber, the company’s CEO and president, explains that some of the ingredients that go into the treats weren’t stored properly prior to arriving at their facility, which could result in unwanted moisture in some spots. Please visit the official website for information on which batches are being recalled.

I checked our unopened 3 lb bag of Sunny Orchard nutriberries and it is not part of the batch that’s impacted. But I did notice that my bag was going to expire sooner than I thought, so it was good I checked. I’ve been buying the 3 pound bags because I always ran out of the 10 ounce bags too fast, but this recall is a good reminder that we need to be careful about how we store bird food (making sure it stays fresh and doesn’t invite moisture!) and that maybe having several 10 oz bags is safer than a larger bag that just sits around opened… even though it’s much more expensive that way.

Tip: If you buy pre-packed pet food, be sure to try to stay aware of news from your brand’s manufacturers. You can “like” their Facebook pages if you’re on Facebook — where most responsible companies would post product safety news — or sign up for their newsletters so they know how to contact you.




  1. I am new to this blog. I buy nutriberries too. I usually buy in bulk, and you can freeze the berries, pellets and seeds. this keeps them very fresh.

  2. I would have to agree that responsible companies would post disseminate product safety news from time to time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey! Thanks for providing this info. I think the idea of subscribing to a newsletter is a very good one. Do you know, are the lafeber avi cakes affected?

  4. We’ve used Lafeber products for years and I still have faith in this company. I’ve always considered them honest.

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