Two Worthy Fundraisers – Ways to Support Parrots Right NOW

June 19, 2012

There are two parrot-related fundraisers I want to share with you!

Lafeber Fundraiser for Phoenix Landing

Lafeber, maker of the Nutriberry treats my birds love so much, will be donating $1 worth of free bird food to Phoenix Landing for every new fan to the Lafeber/Nutriberries Facebook page through the end of June. It doesn’t cost you anything. Just click on the image below and click “Like” at the top of the page.

Lafeber Nutri-berries - Fan Page

If you’re already a fan, be sure to share this fundraiser with your friends and fellow bird lovers and ask them to become Facebook fans of Lafeber also. Hurry, the fundraiser ends June 30. All likes above and beyond 1,734 is worth $1 to Phoenix Landing.

And, of course, if you’re not a fan of Phoenix Landing on Facebook yet, be sure to like them too!

The Alex Foundation Matching Gift Grant

Through July 5, all donations  to The Alex Foundation up to $10,000 will be matched by a generous donor. Your donation, in other words, would go twice as far to support the Foundation and Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s research. Just visit their new website and donate, or learn more about their work and the African Greys picking up where Alex left off.

Dr. Pepperberg Talks to Pepper

And please also read my review of Dr. Pepperberg’s memoir about her time with Alex: Alex and Me —  How a Scientist and a Parrot Uncovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence — and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process.


One comment

  1. Hello, Great Blog! I am not looking to buy or sell a bird. I am looking for a bird owner to stop by my sons birthday party on this sunday july 1st, Tempe. I am looking to pay the bird owner to simply stop by my sons party for 10 minutes. The bird needs to say “Hello” to my son and our family. Please help if you can. I know that bird owners spend lots of money to take care of their birds, and so this is a win win situation, as the lovely bird can help their owner earn some cash.

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