It’s National Pi Day

March 14, 2011

Here at Best in Flock, we like to celebrate National Pi Day with a very sweet pi(onus) topped with a bit of cinnamon:

Mika vs. The Cinnamon Stick

List your 3.14 Reasons Why Pis are awesome in the comments….



  1. I love the pictures of Mia! My White-cap is so bashful, he hides from the camera.

  2. 3.14 reasons why pis are awesome:

    1. Their subtle coloring that can look drab upon first viewing but is unbelievably gorgeous when the light hits them.

    2. That amazing scent that wafts from them when they are happy.

    3. Their careful, thoughtful way of life (they really seem to think things through rather than act impulsively).

    0.14. That scent again. I love it 🙂

    • Yes! 100% agreement on all of those points.

  3. Bart’s mom: Bart doesn’t think his Pi siblings are awesome so I’ll comment.

    1. They smell really good.
    2. They’re not particularly demanding.
    3. They can be very snuggly.
    3.14. Those dark brown eyes!

  4. Love the pionus! And I’m not the least bit prejudiced (says the companion of a lovely bronze-wing pionus).

    4) The sweet posture they assume with their heads tilted down begging for head scratches.

  5. cute parrot

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