NOVA’s “How Smart Are Animals?” – Watch Video Online

February 6, 2011

On Wednesday, NOVA (in something they’re calling the “smartest night on television”) is airing a program about animal intelligence, which includes a segment about Alex, the famous African Grey, and his trainer Irene Pepperberg.

Here’s NOVA’s profile of Dr. Pepperberg and a show teaser.

And here’s my review of Dr. Pepperberg’s memoir, Alex & Me, which you should totally read if you are interested in parrots and/or animal intelligence.


Updated! You can watch “How Smart Are Animals” online here. The segment about Alex starts at the 38-minute mark.



  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Sweet. Are we able to cath it online after it is aired?

    • You can usually watch episodes of NOVA ScienceNOW online the day after they air on TV. Unfortunately, I don’t think they usually tell the public beforehand if something WON’T be available online due to rights restrictions. I think it should be fairly safe to assume, though, that you will be able to find it at the link above.

  3. what time

  4. I’m watching it online right now. Thanks for the information!

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