Talk N’ Play Cell Phone Toy Review – One Upset Pionus

November 24, 2010

Talk N' Play Cell Phone Have you ever seen those little toy cell phones designed for birds? The ones with the buttons that make noise when you push them? They are advertised as interactive fun that can keep your bird entertained and engaged when you’re away. Your bird will LOVE playing with this toy and making it talk back, the website says.


Both my birds HATE. HATE. HATE this thing. According to them, it’s the most EVIL thing ever.

Even after I took it away, Mika continued yelling (and she’s usually a really laid back girl) and even flew around the room looking for it so she could continue to give it a piece of her mind. She made a pretty tricky landing on the bookshelf (remember: she’s not a skilled flyer) and started kicking this toy around.

It is now safely hidden out of sight.



  1. I like how she gets even louder when the button gets pushed. the phone says “I love y..” and she screams like an eagle.

  2. Too funny! 😀

  3. I don’t know, it seems like Mika was having fun. I don’t “speak” Pionus, but she seemed to be excited about it and engaged with it. If Parker doesn’t like something, he growls at it and hides. He hates the vacuum sealer, don’t ask me why…
    But your girl seemed to enjoy beating it up. Parker would have been tuckered out after about an hour of that. A good thing.

    • Oh no, that’s not a happy, having-fun Mika. That’s an angry, stressed-out Mika.

  4. My WC Pi makes that noise when he is held for a nail or beak trim. Not a happy bird there! Good try Mama, but I agree, Mika says NO!

  5. I haven’t gotten one of these on the off chance that my birds end up loving it and pressing the buttons. All. Day. Long.

  6. Somebirdie bought me that evil thing once too – luckily it only lasted about a minute before they took my terrified screaming as a hint and it got put away for good!

  7. My grey LOVES her phone. And I get a kick out of hearing the different phrases over and over. It means she’s playing with it. Unfortunately, they aren’t indestructible – which is why I’m googling it again! I just had to say that it is a great toy if your bird enjoys it. It looks like yours doesn’t (and two of my three also didn’t care for it) – but it makes one very happy bird, so give it a two toes up.

  8. My grey stopped talking a few years ago but when I got him the phone, he began “texting” me every day that he loves me! He hears my husband texting me during the day and he, the grey, has begun to use his cell phone instead of talking. He’s now speaking again once in a while, but not as much as he used to. Miss hearing his voice….. Don’t know why he suddenly stopped?

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