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They Learn the Darndest Things…

August 15, 2010

The other day I was feeling like I needed more snuggle time with Mika. So a little bit before their regular bedtime, I put an almond in Stewie’s cage and put him away for the night, thinking this would give me extra time to hang out with my pionus girl.

However, as soon as Mika saw Stewie in his cage enjoying his almond, she ran inside and sat on her roosting perch… and waited for her almond.

My birds are usually cooperative when I need them to go inside. I just make sure they see me put a high-value treat in their cage, and they go in by themselves.

Apparently Mika has the routine down so well that a treat inside Stewie’s cage is a signal to her that she should go inside her cage also.

And thus my plans to snuggle with Mika were foiled by her being way too cooperative about going back in her cage.

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Mika enjoying an almond

Mika eating an almond in her cage


Screaming Sun Conure Saves the Day

August 5, 2010

We just got the BEST comment on our YouTube channel ever! (Seriously, best ever!)

It was a response to Stewie’s “how loud is a sun conure” video. Most of the responses to that video are along the lines of “OMG that’s annoying” or “I love sun conures despite their screams.” The best comments so far were the ones that said “I’m glad I saw this because I was about to get a sun conure, but I now realize that my living situation isn’t suited to one.” Those are great because I feel like I helped someone out, and possibly saved a conure the heartbreak of being rehomed.

But this comment beats them all:

Stewie just saved our little black capped conure! He flew away when we had him out side and we couldnt find him…I grabed my laptop and played Stewies video…it is his favorite..we were able to find him and capture him and bring him home 🙂

Thankyou Stewie!

Here’s a screenshot for posterity:

Screaming Sun Conure Saves the Day

Stewie, my little (screaming) hero!

Updated: Wow! I’m not sure if people are pulling my leg here, or what, but there’s now a second report of someone getting their bird back because of that video. That sure makes me happy I posted the clip. Here’s the second comment:

HELLO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VIDEO… It helped me get my conure back as well. Shady loves watching this video. We have his wings clipped but they were in the process of growing back when he got out. Two days we sat at a tree trying to get him out. I finally remembered he LOVES this video and so I came home grabbed my phone and recorded the sound. Shady came right down….. YOU SAVED MY BIRD TOO!! 😀 SHADY LOVES STEWIE!!!