Happy Conure Noises

July 22, 2010

Stewie has been on a shredding kick. He can pull apart a conure-sized parrot pinata in a few hours. Here’s a quick video clip of him making very satisfied conure noises. (Don’t mind Mika squeaking in the background.) He doesn’t quite get into “eeeeh of glee” mode, but he’s still quite happy.  Contrast this to his “I’m a sun conure” scream.

I, of course, love any toy that’ll keep him occupied for any length of time.

And here’s what the bottom of the cage looks like covered in pinata guts and debris.



  1. Stewie, you and I should get together some time for a shredding party. Mom’s taken to giving me very large pieces of clean cardboard and entire brown grocery bags filled with shredables. Good job there, Stewie. I love your little grumbles of happiness.

  2. I wish my bird was that into his toys! I know it’s a mess, but it satisfies me that he’s satisfied with the destruction!

  3. Stewie definitely is enjoying himself! You must have a hard time clearing the mess yet happy at the same time 😀

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