New Free Issue of Good Bird Magazine

November 25, 2009

Early last year, Barbara Heidenreich was nice enough to offer readers of Best in Flock a free e-copy of her wonderful Good Bird Magazine. She redesigned her site recently and not only is she continuing to offer a free digital sample to followers of this blog, but she’s offering a newer issue. So even if you took advantage of the offer previously, you can now follow the updated link here to grab another free sample.

If you’ve never seen Good Bird Magazine, you’ll be impressed with the sheer volume of great info on parrot behavior and parrot training in each issue. Please check it out, and if you like it, be sure to subscribe to the print magazine.


To grab your copy of this free digital sample of GoodBird, please visit my previous post and follow the instructions on how to request your copy.

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  1. it is unfortunate how many good businesses have had to come down during these strange economic times. maybe some can find their way back after this is over.

  2. I love birds

    • i have a sun conure jenday she’s 8 years old in 4 mouth she laid 7 eggs no male in the picture , is that Normal ? is anyone no the answer

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