How Loud Is a Sun Conure (Redux)

June 15, 2009

Just a quick story: The other night, I got a call from the ACLU asking for a donation to support their investigation of waterboarding at Guantanamo. The whole time, of course, my orange ball of terror is “vocalizing” to express his unhappiness about me being on the phone. At the end of the call, the guy says “Ma’am, I just have to ask. What is that noise? Is that a bird?”. I say, yeah, that’s a parrot. And he says, “that sounds like torture!”.

You heard it first folks: The ACLU considers Stewie to be an instrument of torture! (I wonder if there’s anything in the Geneva Convention about sun conures.)

If you’re considering getting a sun conure and wonder how disruptive it could possible be (all those people warning you about the noise surely must be exaggerating, right?!), try playing this video every time you get on the phone. 😉



  1. Haha. I have a Jenday Conure (Peggy) and she sounds similar. Most people’s reaction to meeting her is, “Oooh! I want one!,” because she’s so cute and colourful. However, as soon as she opens her mouth, people wonder how I can stand her voice. I guess I’m just used to it.

    However, I also have a Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, and if he and Peggy are vocalizing at the same time, Peggy’s voice gets completely drowned out.

  2. Maybe the government could start tying up the political prisoners and letting parrots scream in thier ears for hours?? Kind of like Chinese water torture? hee hee

    • Except the U.S. government “doesn’t torture” (winkwinknudgenudge), right?

      Of course I told the guy that I didn’t think it’s so bad. I’ve learned to tune him out, just like you with Peggy.

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  4. Very funny! I’m not a big phone talker, so I look at my parrots’ vocalizations as making it easier for me to get off the phone.

  5. I have a janday conure at home and i have tort her that i will only respond to her if she speeks people or is quiet. So instead of screaming to get me to interact with her she is constantly saying “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” over and over and over again none stop. of course she still screams when i first walk in the door but thats about it works a charm.

  6. 3 months ago, my fiance decided to surprise me for my birthday with a Sun Conure, Seata. I’m not sure who was more surprised: me when I first saw her and heard her screech, or him when he realized this wasn’t going as well as he thought it would (our friends have a Quaker Parrot and I’d always enjoyed putting her on my shoulder when we visited). She’s a beauty to be sure, but this isn’t working for me. Truth is, my fiance travels every other week, and when he’s gone, I don’t always have time for Seata. I’m writing to ask what is the best way for me to find her a good home? I’ve been to a few of the local shops that specialize in birds, but they turned up no leads and of course, they’ve got their own birds to sell. I want to find someone who is at home more than I am; someone who already has birds would be great as she’d have company during the day. I guess the best I could hope for would be someone who’s already familiar with sunny’s. Thanks for any suggestions,

    • Very sorry to hear it’s not working out. This is why I hate the idea of giving animals as gifts… it really doesn’t give the recipient the opportunity to do research and figure out if this particular animal is a good fit. Sun conures are not for everyone, and you’re right that a pet shop has it’s own animals to deal with and very rarely want to sell someone else’s animal on consignment. I assume that you didn’t get her from a breeder who will take her back. That means your only other option is to take her to a bird rescue organization or to try to rehome her through a site like Craig’s List or Kijiji. I’d advise you not to try to “recoup” your costs, but just concentrate on finding the right home. You’re right that it would be helpful if it was someone who already understands birds (especially the loud aratinga conures). Otherwise Seata will just begin a sad rehoming cycle, being passed from one home to another. Good luck to you and Seata.

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