Conure Cuteness Overload

May 19, 2009

You couldn’t get any cuter if you tried!



  1. Hello!
    I have been reading your blog and just wanted to ask you about your birds. I too have a Sun Loki). When you described Stewie it was as though you described Loki! Especially when you talked about his clingyness. He is flighted also, and we too like the amount of exercise he gets and he just seems happier. But he has gotten a little unruly lately and we cannot take him out like we did before… so I think he will be getting his wings clipped soon. We have been thinking about getting another bird for many of the same reasons you wanted another! I just wanted to see how your two are getting along. How long have you had Mika? Loki is just over 2 and we have had him for over a year. He LOVES me. A lot. And because of his attachment I have been concerned for the safety of another bird if we got one. Any tips? We are thinking about getting and IRN. Any advice would be awesome!

    • It’s been almost a year since we introduced Mika (white capped pionus) to the flock, and unfortunately they still don’t get along. He will try to attack her any opportunity he has, so we have to keep him clipped now. Things are generally fine as long as they don’t get too close to each other (about 5-6 feet distance is the minimum if he’s recently clipped), but if I had to attach a label to his behavior I’d say he is “extremely jealous” still. 😦

      It’s impossible to predict if two birds will get along – they really are individuals, but among the various things you can do to help insure a more harmonious relationship is getting another bird of the same, or very similar, species. Sun conures tend to do much better with other suns (OMG imagine the noise!) or something like a green cheek conure (GCC).

  2. They are one cute bunch. Seems overloaded.I wondered whether the swing could hold their weight? Haha

  3. What a great video!

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