Frivolous Photo Friday

March 6, 2009

This is Stewie. Inside my shirt. It’s his new favorite hangout.

Stewie in My Shirt

That is all.



  1. My sweet Sun conure “Chicken” used to do this all the time. Very sweet! Makes me miss my baby!

  2. This is a darling photo! I do believe I recognize the name and face from YouTube! Hi Stewie!

    Love, Frostie XOXOXOX

  3. I just wanted to say, I keep coming back to this picture. It is absolutely adorable, and makes me smile every time I see it.

    My cockatiels are more shoulder buddies, but my Mom has a little Senegal who would totally do this. Actually, Mom also has an African Grey would probably like to try, even though she wouldn’t fit. ^_^

  4. I’m glad you enjoy it. When he first came to me, he wasn’t tame, so you can image how thrilled I am about how far we’ve come.

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