Loving on Mika

October 24, 2008

After a long day at the office, one of my favorite things is to rub Mika’s neck, press my nose against her and breathe in that adorable pionus musk.

I love the way she smells.

And when she starts to close her eyes, I know I’m scratching her in just the right place.

Yeah, right there, that’s it.



  1. This definitely made me smile. I’m the same way with my Amazon, Zoey. She and I both find it equally relaxing to scratch her head. She attempts to reciprocate occasionally, and very half-heartedly, but really, she knows it’s all about her.

    Amazons have a very unique smell as well, which I’ve come to associate with just pure relaxation and not-quite-unconditional love.

  2. I definitely love the way that Mika’s invitation for head scratches and rubs. She’s really lovable.

  3. My CAG, Scout, does something similar. I love burrowing my nose into the side of her neck and breathing in her smell, too, while the hand that’s not holding her explores her face for the perfect spot to itch. Sometimes, though, Scout will fool me! She’ll bend her head down to be scritched, and then when I go to scritch her she takes my fingers in her beak and throws them, while exclaiming, “Tee hee!!” Such a little prankster.

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