Barbara Heidenreich Has a Blog!

May 9, 2008

Barbara Heidenreich, author of The Parrot Problem Solver and noted parrot trainer for many years, has a blog. I started this blog because there seemed to be a real dearth of high-quality blogs about parrots (that weren’t just thinly disguised fronts for peddling expensive and questionable parrot training products). Sure, lots of people mentioned their parrots on personal blogs, but I couldn’t find good, current blogs devoted to taking really good care of parrots. It’s great to see that Barbara Heidenreich has jumped into the blogosphere to share her parrot training expertise in easy-to-read blog posts.

Click here to read reviews of her book by other Amazon customers.

Parrot Problem Solver

Now that I’ve pointed out this great website by a parrot training expert, I hope you’ll still continue to drop by my humble little conure blog! (The blog is humble, not my little conure đŸ™‚ )



  1. Thank you so very , very much for your blog. It is very refreshing to see a blog that really is about education. I do appreciate what you are doing to help spread the word about people entering this community with perhaps questionable intentions and experience. We need more people like you.

    Hope to meet you one day at a parrot event!

    Thanks again.

  2. I am really enjoying this blog. Thanks so much, especially all of the sources for props.

    How to stop a bird from flying at your head besides making parrot pie????? Hmmmmmm……Mine like to land on my head, especially in the AM when I am prepping for a work day. My hair is regularly teased by parrot toes….so, I guess I’m chock full out of ideas except to develop better reflexes!

    Mona in Seattle

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