Skateboarding Birds: Budgies and ‘Tiels

April 18, 2008

Think only larger parrots can do cool prop tricks? Think again:

First, the noob: training a cockatiel to step onto a skateboard

Day 3: Cockatiel pushing off on a skateboard

Skateboarding cockatiel catches air

More skateboarding cockatiels

Cute budgies showing off their skateboard moves

Advanced skater budgie (sorry, couldn’t embed)




  1. Hello!
    NICE blog-I’ve only just started mine, it’s sure great to meet another Parrot person! Now I’m just plain embarrased to go back and look at mine! LOL
    Wendy @ Flew the Coop Aviary

  2. wow that white budgie was sooooooooo cute, my budgie is green and quite scared of toys, shel get used to it tho.

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