Cockatiel with Small Ring Toss Prop

March 24, 2008

One comment

  1. Hey Best in Flock,

    Great blog, you clearly luuuurve your Conure Parrot, the clever little thing! and a beautiful bird it is as well.

    We’re working on a new project at the moment which, if you love parrots, I know you will just find interesting.

    It’s called All About Pets and is the social network site for pet lovers from The Blue Cross, Britain’s Pet Charity since 1897.

    Just over three weeks since the launch of All About Pets and the site now has over 1,500 members!

    Unlike other social networks, All About Pets is a credible pet care information directory.

    Fact 1: To date, the most popular information people are downloading on the site are ‘watching the waistline’ and ‘agility for dogs’.

    All About Pets is FREE for everyone. Members can create profiles for themselves and their pets, upload photos or links to videos and showcase their pet’s talents. They can view and rate other people’s pets, photos and videos and get the latest in pet news.

    Fact 2: Latest news on the site includes a story about a dog who married a boy and a dog who prays at a Buddhist temple!

    Members can promote their own events or find out what is happening in their area and take part in polls and discussion forums.

    Fact 3: Bunny tantrums and The smell of fox poo are some of the current forum topics on the site.

    There are lot of new developments in the pipeline and we’ll keep you posted as they happen. And of course, we’d love to get you and your reader’s feedback Best in Flock.


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