Training a Wild-Caught Bird

March 6, 2008

This is a YouTube video I found of a woman working with a cherry headed conure (or possibly a mitred conure) who was originally part of a wild flock in San Francisco. Jasper came down with neurological issues and suffered brain damage and was then taken in by Mickaboo Rescue.

What I love about this video is the level of excitement in the trainer’s voice. This is very effective.

One of the take-aways from Jasper’s story is that even wild-caught birds can be trained via clicker training. So if your once-hand-fed baby turned into a handful – fearful and bitey – don’t despair. There’s hope for your little feathered terror.


One comment

  1. Yingshiong is a wild caught white-rumped shama. He was 4 years old when he came to me.

    The intermediate recall

    Yingshiong intermediate recall II

    When I decided YS is to go back into his flightroom so Ivan the cat can be out, I just signal with my hand
    and tell YS ‘ go back’. You can see this sequence here, where YS flew back to his flight room and into his cage at my

    Yingshiong flies back on command


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