If You Were a Parrot: A Children’s Book

March 4, 2008

If You Were a Parrot


This fun children’s book, If You Were A Parrot, leads the young reader into a magical world where children can imagine what it’s like to be a parrot. We learn about parrot behavior and the children in the story mimic these behaviors.

Particularly noteworthy is that the book even has a section that encourages would-be parrot owners to think carefully about the work, expense and inconvenience before getting a bird for a pet.

The book includes an craft project where children can make their own beak.

A delightful book suitable for young children who love animals and are interested in learning more about parrots. Get If You Were A Parrot at Amazon.


One comment

  1. I can be a parrot?! Sweet!


    Hehe. Well that’s a very cute way to engage kids about rare pets anyway.

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