Small Clicker Training Props for Birds

February 18, 2008

This is the bird prop I got for Stewie from Nature’s Chest — it’s intended to teach him color discrimination. Unfortunately it’s too small. He doesn’t have the dexterity to get the rings onto the peg.I’m going to try to teach him pull the rings off the peg instead and give them to me. He can already retrieve, and he can get the rings off the peg, so the advanced version is for him to give me the color I ask for.

Update: we spent a whole training session just taking the rings off the peg and giving them to me. To start teaching colors, I just said whatever color he was going for anyway (that way he always gets it right!) — so if he went to grab a red ring, I’d say “Bring me RED!” and then reward him. Once we get comfortable with that, I’ll put my hand on top of the other ones so the only one he can get is the one I asked for. Just need to be careful not to get nipped at because he doesn’t like it when someone interferes with his props mid trick. 🙂


This one is the small Psitta Puzzle. For this trick, he needs to put the shapes in the corresponding hole. The description on NatureChest.com says that it might be too big for cockatiels, so I got the smallest one they had, but I probably could have gone a size up on this one too.



One comment

  1. I will definitely be investing in some of these props for my birds… they look like a lot of fun and very challenging and rewarding for the birds.

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