Weighed My Sun Conure Today

January 10, 2008

Got Stewie to step on the scale today, finally, after many months of getting him used to the idea (yeah, I wasn’t in a hurry). He weighs 104 grams. Down from 106g last time I took him to the vet for a nail trim, and up from 103g when I took him to his first well-birdie visit after I picked him up from the animal shelter. That type of variation isn’t that unusual, especially since I’m not measuring his weight at the same time right in the morning – a few grams here or there can be attributed to what food he has stored in his crop and/or the last time he “emptied out.”

He’s on the small side for his species, so I’m not worried that he’s a little under average weight for a sun conure.

Here he is on his bird scale (the perch is covered in vet wrap):


p.s. Having trouble getting your bird weighed? Download Barbara Heidenreich’s video on how to train a parrot to step on a scale.



  1. […] sun conure Stewie weighed in at 104 grams this afternoon. __________________ Stewie – sun […]

  2. Do you find this scale to be accurate? I’m looking to get one for Nemo to keep a weight log 🙂

  3. It seems pretty accurate to me, given that his weight generally comes in very close to what the vet tells me he weighs. But if it’s off by one or two grams, I wouldn’t know … and it wouldn’t be a big deal as long as I could tell if/when he’s losing or gaining weight. The absolute number doesn’t matter much.

  4. He’s a real beauty!

  5. Your sun conure is beautiful, his colors look so vibrant and his feathers look really healthy. I have a toucan and when I feed her certain colored foods like corn or carrots, it brightens her feathers dramatically. I can always get her to look more teal if I feed her tons of blueberries. I love how gorgeous our feathered friends can be.

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