Puck, the budgie parakeet

December 31, 2007

The New York Times magazine just published an article about Alex the famous African Grey. But there’s a slightly lesser known avian phenom – the bird with the Guiness record for the most words documented… and it’s a budgie if you can believe it!

Read about this amazing ‘keet who had the biggest vocabulary of any bird ever

Note: Sorry, Puck’s website appears to have been taken down



  1. I’m so glad you posted this link, I always knew this but couldn’t find the source and of couse, no one ever believes you when you say it’s a parakeet… they always think it has got to be an African Grey. Go parakeets! Never under-estimated again!

  2. Puck was an amazing Budgie and I would like to know more about his vocabulary, but was never able to find the information. There are is another yet “slightly lesser known phenom” in the talking bird category.

    Arielle is a living macaw with a lexicon of words numbering in excess of 4000 words, phrases, and sentences. For more information visit her Internet site and/or contact me.



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