Video of Stewie McSkittles, my sun conure

November 23, 2007

Video of Stewie on his best behavior.



  1. […] It’s a little funny since I’m a terrible trainer and Stewie doesn’t do anything super fancy. In that video he’s actually doing most of the stuff wrong. ROFLMAO. When he was supposed to bring the blue ring […]

  2. Hi
    I just happened to be looking up some pet parrot info on the net and saw your site. Your sun conure is really beautiful and smart. I know he is capable of doing many different things. It just takes discipline and perseverance. I have a one year old green cheek conure named Caillou. He now does more than a dozen different tricks all taught him via clicker and target training. Those little guys are very intelligent, reportedly at the level of a 5 year old child. Here are the tricks Caillou does.
    The wave
    The handshake
    The hoop, ladder and spin around
    Putting various toys in a container
    Putting several coins in a piggy bank
    Climbing a rope
    Coming down a slide (this is really cute)
    Riding on a toy fire engine with the siren and light going
    Riding a scooter
    Rolling over
    Plays basketball
    Putting a ring on the peg and taking it off again
    Running in a wheel (like the one used for hampsters)
    Lying on his back in my hand for a head scratch
    Riding a go cart on a track
    Taking a very interesting and entertaining shower under a running tap (using the strainer nozzle) in the set tub. This is a real hoot.
    He also does some talking but gk’s don’t really have a talking voice. It’s more of a whisper.
    So I’d like to encourage you to keep teaching Stewie. If you persist he will really learn. The one thing to remember is insist on doing it properly and they like it that way. Of course a training diet is one of the biggest helps and a set schedule of regular training. If the training diet isn’t used, all they want to do is play funny and do what ever they want to do. Go for it. Good luck.


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  4. Stewie is super cute! I always said “thank you” to my birds when they did the retrieve as well and now they say “thank you” everytime I give them a reward… it’s adorable! I hope Stewie learns it too because it’s to die for, especially when other people hear them say it!

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