The Quaker Song: I’m a Little Quaker Green and Stout

September 11, 2007

Tooooo cute!!!

This is a little quaker parrot singing something called The Quaker Song. I particularly love the part when he says “yay!” after finishing the song.

Lyrics to the I’m a Little Quaker song:

Sing a song? Ready?
I’m a little Quaker, green and stout
open up the cage and let me out
better pick me up or else I’ll squawk
rub my tummy and then I’ll talk

Yay!! Ha ha ha!


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  1. WHY??? Is this video no longer available. It is the cutest. After I do my email and job work, etc I love to click on this for a smile. Oh well, that is sad.

  2. Cutest thing I ever saw!! Makes me happy when I watch it over and over again!

  3. Who says Quakers don’t sing? Actually the bird does a bit better than I do. Can it work in 4 part harmony?

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