Stewie Wants to Join Me in the Shower

September 8, 2007

Stewie did something he’s never done before: he flew to(wards) me while we were in the bathroom together. He was hanging out on his shower perch and I was taking a shower. When I was done and toweling off he flew toward me, but given that his wings are clipped and he’s not too coordinated, and the fact that I wasn’t prepared to catch him, he landed in the bottom of the tub. Now, my bathtub isn’t draining properly and he landed in about an inch of water. He was more surprised by it than I was, I think.

After he hopped around a little bit in the water, I managed to fish him out. After determining that he was in fact alright, I put him back on his shower perch and gave him a good misting so that he could get thoroughly soaked from head to tail (not just his belly).

Here’s the shower perch I have (the toy hanging at the end of the perch is different, but you can hang your parrot’s favorite toy on the end as well) and a photo of Stewie using that perch (attached to the bathroom mirror). Click on the photo on the left to see it in use by an African Grey:

Stewie in the Mirror


One comment

  1. I have a shower perch for Nemo, too, and it’s suctioned to my bathtub wall. I bring him into the shower with me about twice a week. It’s the cutest thing.

    Lately though, it seems he enjoys a shallow dish of water better for taking baths.

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